Return & Refund

Return and Refund Policy

Your return and refund will depend on following conditions;

Proof of purchase is required for return or refund request, all refund will be made by same mode as  initial payment was made.

  1. We can take our product back within 14 days and issue refund if;
    1. if product still sealed and in original packing not been taken out
    2. if product packaging is not damaged
  2. you can not Return the product or claim refund if;
    1. you have opened or damaged the product packing
    2. you broke or damaged the product
    3. you bought the item knowing it wasn’t fit for what you wanted it to do

NOTE: Its buyer’s responsibility to return the product in original condition and safe to our return base, we advice to send the product by registered post or post with tracking . We can not confirm if product will reach us if sent by un-tracked delivery option, also will not be liable if product is lost or damaged during return.