Baseus Water Drop USB Type C cable 66 W(11 V / 6 A) 1 m (CATSD-M01)


Brand: Baseus

Material: zinc alloy + nylon braid

Voltage: 11 V/6 A (66 W Max)

Transmission rate: 480 Mbps

Input: USB

Output: USB Type-C

Length: 1 m

An anesthetic design resembling a drop of water.

Super-fast battery charging in 30 minutes up to 86% (Mate40 Pro)

Solid structure – nylon braid hosts 6 coils composed of 292 dense copper cores

Compatible with devices 11 V/6 A, 10 V/4 A, 4,5 V/5 A, 5 V/4,5 A, and other

Convenient organization of cable with Velcro tape

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