Baseus SW Wheel Handle Pair GS03


  • Two brackets for Nintendo Switch controllers
  • Nice material
  • Top ergonomics
  • Low weight and small dimensions
  • Enlarged touchpads for SR / SL buttons
  • Indicator lights
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Brand new way of playing

Do you like playing on the Nintendo Switch and want to have more fun? Thanks to the Baseus SW Wheel Handle Pair GS03 holders, you will enjoy not only more comfortable operation, but a lot of fun. All you have to do is insert the controller from the game console into this steering wheel-shaped holder and you can start playing.

Great for racing games

You will have a lot of fun with the Baseus gamepad, which is also helped by the integrated gravity indicator, which is a great addition especially for racing games.

Two drivers in the package

In addition to great ergonomics, the Baseus SW Wheel Handle Pair also offers top-notch workmanship. You will especially appreciate the pleasant material. And because it works better in two, you will find two holders in red and blue in the package.